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Northwest Permit, Inc.


Business Team

Consulting Services

Goal: Provide thorough pre-planning and permit project management to streamline development, reduce delays and meet timelines.

Service: Similar to building a structure we start from the ground up to evaluate a projects proposal and account for all permitting and approvals needed. We are experienced working with all customer types and finding the best way to integrate with the team to fill in the gaps by listening to our customers needs and correctly identifying the services they didn't know they needed. Complexity is our passion and eliminating the unknown is our aim.

Benefits: 35 years of service knowledge, project management integration or deployment, quality assurance, code analysis, minor drafting services, timeline expediting and extensive data resources.


  • Pre-Planning

  • Permit Project Management

  • Code Review

  • Peer Review

  • Land Use

  • Building

  • Demolition

  • Clear & Grade

  • New Construction

  • Land Development

  • Historic Redevelopment

  • Non-Conforming

  • Street Improvement

  • Environmentally Critical Areas

  • Platting Actions

  • Subdivisions

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